Shades In All Corners: The Series

If you find yourself reading this, first of all, welcome and thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to look at my project that I’ve been trying to think of how to put together but instead of thinking so much, I just decided to do it

Shades In All Corners is something personal to me and I’m here to take it to many corners of the world that I can where it resonates. 

So what’s this project all about? Well I’ll start by telling you a moment that happened to me when I was in León, Nicaragua. I went to get a haircut and my hair dresser was a sweet lady from Venezuela. I blend in with the Nicaraguan community until I open my mouth because of my accent when I speak Spanish. She asked where I was from and when I told her I was from the United States she goes on to say, “but you’re not white.” I know she meant no harm by it and I’ve become used to this remark but it does make my eyes roll every once in a while. 

I started traveling consistently after I graduated university. It started off as “I want to see the world” type of thing but slowly developed into, “I want to dig into different societies” type of thing. I’m fortunate enough to have been to places in different corners of the world and to my surprise, I have seen things I wouldn’t have expected in certain spaces. By that I mean, cultures and complexions I wouldn’t have expected. It’s like growing up in the United States, I always thought that it was the most diverse country but I was consistently proven wrong. 

Most of the time, my nationality is questioned due to my appearance and as proud as I am of my roots, people need to realize that there isn’t specific look to a nationality, or even an ethnicity. It’s in the books of people migrating and mixing for years so why should we make people prove themselves or further explain where they come from? This mainly happening to those who don’t fit into their societal norm and I feel for them because I get it.

Shades In All Corners is my showcase of diversity all over. It’s about going into communities we probably wouldn’t have expected to exist. But I want you, me, all of us, to try and stop expecting what people of certain countries should look like. All types of representation matters and it’s crucial, as you will notice. 

So I present to you, Shades In All Corners.