The Hardest Part of Traveling.

I understand that simply getting money to travel is hard in itself (and I thank my parents whole-heartedly for believing in my life plan and allowing me to travel, as I always say). Not only that but getting accustomed to a different culture, not being able to communicate and just being a stranger to a completely different place. Trust me, throughout this year, I’ve never felt so small sometimes cause it can become isolating, especially while solo-traveling.

Usually, my posts are to show you what I’ve seen throughout my travels but I’m here to take it to a personal level which is completely out of my comfort zone. I recently came back from a three-week long EuroTrip with my line sister and I never been so happy to be back home. It was the constant moving that got me tired but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. While I was unpacking my things this morning, I was by myself and just thinking about everything, a self-reflection per say. I was thinking about what I went through the previous weeks whether it was dragging luggages up 89 steps, being homeless in Germany or being out of breath every time we had to catch a train since we always thought we had enough time.

As clich√© and corny as it sounds, it’s crazy how much being exposed to a different culture shifts your mentality. To be honest, when I was in Ecuador, that’s when it hit me like a bus. The people there live with much less than what I have here and live the happiest life – it was beautiful to see. I’m starting to go off topic here but what I’m trying to say is, the hardest part of traveling is coming home. Of course, I miss home because home is where my fambam is but it’s difficult and frustrating to explain to someone the drastic change within you when everything you come back to is the same. Like I just witnessed all this beauty but we’re raised to remain in one spot! It kind of feels like you don’t belong anymore.

It’s similar to going to another country and trying to communicate but you can’t because of the language barrier. I can talk to someone and ramble on about how huge the world is and they can see how intense I talk about it but I know they still don’t understand. I’ve talked to a few friends about what I’ve been doing and some are inspired, which makes my heart so full, but it’s so hard cause I want them to understand what I’m saying. When I was younger, I always heard how people (aka Anthony Bourdain) never come back the same and sheesh, it’s true. Setting your feet on other grounds can work magic. Sometimes I think people think I’m a nut-job cause I’m just going off into the world head first but that’s none of their business *insert upside down smiley face emoji*. I don’t know what will make you, whoever is reading this, go off into the world for a bit, I’m not talking about for a long time, and see something that impacts you and takes you out of your comfort zone.¬†

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