New York: The High Line

One of the things I have on my New Year Resolution List is to get out more and see different things. This weekend I was out in New York and every time I go, I’m such a tourist lol. It’s just that there’s always so much to see.

This time I went to see The High Line in Chelsea. *clears throat* History time! The High Line was a railroad in the 1840s, which was around the time of the Industrial Revolution and everything was booming. Although, this railroad was super deadly. The road it’s on was known as Death Avenue, literally (that’s what I read on a board they had that provided history). But yeah, NYC decided to shut it down and now it’s a park/walk way. I’m sure there’s much more history between everything I just said but that’s my short version of how The High Line has become what it is today. It’s super cute and has loads of little pieces of art as you walk down or up. And it’s a really “Go Green” environment, you could say, with all its plants. I do recommend you go in the spring/summer when everything is actually green and not dead due to the cold. You also won’t have to fight the wind smacking your face either. With that, here are some pictures I snapped when I was there!

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