Life on the Other Side of the Pond.

It’s been a while since I actually posted, as usual. If you haven’t noticed, I changed my layout set up and I’m not on Blogger anymore. I somehow managed to get a big girl website.

To be honest, this website is going to be a combo of travel stuff, random thoughts and maybe an open journal of things I don’t mind sharing. I might have said this before but to me, this website is a fresh start so I’m re-stating it.

Anywho, by the looks of this title, I’m not in the States. I’ve managed to get myself to Portugal for a few months to find whatever I’m looking for in this thing we call life. Kidding lol. I’m not looking for myself or trying to have this spiritual awakening happening, I’m just finally committing to route that can get me life goal. It might sound ridiculous as to why I traveled across the flipping ocean to do this but there’s a few reasons.

1. I made it a mission to quit my part-time retail job at home and pursue writing intensely, specifically travel writing. I fell like if I was at home doing this, I wouldn’t be pushing myself to find writing jobs remotely and since I need the money to live out here, I’m doing it *up side down smiley face*.

2. I said I wanted to do this a year ago. I’m currently staying in this country for “free”. I’ll probably write another post on how that’s possible. I swear, I tell people I’m away and they think I’m some sort of millionaire but fail to do research on how to make it happen. I genuinely roll my eyes to it ever

3. Why not? If I’m working remotely in this stage of my life, why not go somewhere completely different. Yeah, I hopped on the digital nomad bandwagon life.

I think those are the only reasons and if not, I’ll probably do another life update and jot it down there.

It’s only been a week and half since I first landed here and I can already tell you, I found people who I adore and been surrounded by loads of inspiration; whether it’s the city or my every day interactions. I also have some shit experiences that make hilarious stories already. But that’s the great thing, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies while traveling.

But yeah, life is going great so far and I look forward to this whole experience to see where it goes. I basically have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This also might have been the least informative thing lol but you made it to the end and you’re rad for that!

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