Thailand’s Island: Exploring Koh Samui

Being completely honest, the only parts of Thailand I knew about were Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Putting Google into full use, I looked for an island I can go to because I couldn’t stand being in Bangkok the first few days I arrived. So here’s my Koh Samui guide of what I saw and where I went.

To begin, if you want to know how to get to Koh Samui just read this. I broke it down in various forms of transportation for your convenience, you’re welcome *inserts upside down emoji*.

Koh Samui’s Vibes

There are a few islands in the Surat Thani province and out of all of them, Koh Samui is the most touristic one per say. The island has much more shops, restaurants, hotels and all that good stuff catered to foreigners – specifically Europeans.

It’s still a great place to visit if you want beaches, party and some incredible views. And just like everywhere in Thailand, the people are so nice! One of the workers at my bungalow always parked my mope head for me – he was the cutest. He just wanted to make sure it was locked cause ya girl definitely didn’t know how to do that.

Beaches, beaches & more beaches

Where I spent 99.9% of my time. If I wasn’t eating, I was either on a beach or driving to one. If I’m being completely and totally super duper honest, the beaches are extremely beautiful BUT it does suck how some of them are much dirtier than I expected.

Nonetheless (oop, I’m fancy), all the beaches are worth going to cause it’s always a surprise with either bluer water, softer sand or just a new incredible view.

Lamai Beach

This was my favorite and preferred beach out of all of them. It had an endless coast of clean and soft sand. The water was SO warm and SO clear – it actually took my breath away.

The best part is that it’s quite secluded especially for all the restaurants and hotels that right on it but I’m guessing it’s because most are families. You don’t even noticed the noise or clutter from the hotels and restaurants so it’s nice if you’re hungry after, you don’t have to go far.

Lipa Noi

This was the first beach I went to when I go to Samui, excluding the one outside my bungalow. I wanted to catch sunset and it was so close to happening but a big ol’ cloud decided to cover the sun – just my luck.

The reason I’d recommend this beach to catch sunset even though I decided not to go back is cause the sun is RIGHT THERE. Like front view and everything. It’s not the cleanest but if you want to hang around, I’d totally go there.

I was there with my fresh azz coconut, which was my first one ever, people watching families play in the water and watch the sky transform from blue to a light purple/pink. It was pretty incredible even though the sunset didn’t really happen for me.

Chaweng Beach

TOURISTY AF. That’s the best way to describe Chaweng Beach. Majority of all foreigners end up there, either to stay or just to see wassup – like myself.

There’s tons of nightlife, noise, lights and everything you can possibly think of. Before getting to the beach, there’s a strip of shops, restaurants, ladyboy venues and a ton more that’s meant for tourists. It’s fun to go, especially at night when all the fun stuff happens but personally, it’s just a section to see. Not to stay.

Coral Cove Beach

I LOVED this little beach. It was super secluded and you have the chance to swim with little fishes! This was actually the only beach where I saw small fishes close to the shore. While you sit in the water, they’d just chill with you or swim around you.

Although, this beach was a rock beach so there wasn’t much sand… but rocks. It wasn’t much of a bother though cause the rocks weren’t huge. There’s also huge rocks where you can jump from or take pictures with like me.

Views from Samui

I have no idea what that header is about but whatever. Tried to be like Drake but it didn’t work out. As I said in the beginning, I spent majority of my time on the beach just being in my element. Therefore, I didn’t get that many crazy views from different heights because 1. I hate hikes (learned that in Chiang Mai) and 2. beaches.

But while I was cruising around the entire island, my favorite spot was Lad Koh Viewpoint. It had a sick view of just the ocean and sky. Just being able to relax there and seeing the horizon was so calming and made everything seem so surreal.


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