Italy Photo Diary: Venezia.

Oh Venezia, or Venice – whichever you prefer. This was my favorite city hands down. Even though it’s tourist central, there wasn’t as much hustle and bustle compared to other cities and with the people that were there, it wasn’t claustrophobic. To be honest, the dope part was the water taxis lol it was something different since it is “The Floating City”. Venice is everything you expect it to be, the gondolas everywhere, historic buildings (like everywhere in Europe) and colorful houses. Also, this place was special to me cause my line sister and I had the deepest moment together inside a church – we ended up crying together. The church def had some magical and emotional powers. 

There’s a lot of walking involved while being here, since that’s one of the two ways to get around, but it isn’t as terrible as it sounds. The environment makes it enjoyable to take a stroll since there’s always something to see – even if it’s a simple house. 

The Rialto Bridge

these masks are a big thing here, which were preeeetty freaky. but some very beautiful

The Grand Canal

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