Italy Photo Diary: Cinque Terre.

Wassup everyone! I must say, I genuinely suck lol. I had this post sitting in my drafts for the longest time and now is when I’m publishing it. You might think there’s no point in posting this photo diary of a place I went to a month ago but I need to.
Cinque Terre – a place that became very special to me. I was only there for a day but it was an incredible place. I think the reason why I’m gassing it so much is because it has been a destination I’ve been wanting to go to since I was either 17 or 18. I remember seeing one of the small villages of Cinque Terre (I figured out it was Manarola) and I made a promise to myself I was gonna go. 
I remember taking the train ride from Pisa to the village and I was so jittery filled with excitement. It was becoming a surreal moment for me cause I was finally doing what I said I was. 
What I would NEVER forget was the moment the train was on the coast of Italy. From Pisa to Cinque Terre, it goes through various in land towns so basically, the views were houses and land. When I was getting closer, the train went through a tunnel and when it went through it, the Ligurian Sea #blessed me with its beauty. It looks astounding – literally! It felt like it was just the sea and I. 
Anyway, I didn’t have time to see all the villages of Cinque Terre, just two out of the five – Manarola and Vernazza. They all basically look the same but have small characteristics that make them unique. 
Here’s my photo diary of my day trip. 

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